Well what if we could show you a way that you could eliminate all landlord issues, worries, costs and work? Let us be your tenant!


As Landlords ourselves, we know that sometimes renting and dealing with tenant issues can just be a pain, and very expensive to deal with. Having to re-tenant every 24-48 months which sometimes means voids, tenants sometimes paying late or even not at all, and then there’s the constant maintenance and management throughout. And don’t get us started on the less than desirable state that some tenants leave the house in at the end of a tenancy!

“But these are inevitable risks associated with being a landlord” I hear you say. “You can’t prevent them from happening, just try your best to reduce the chance”…

Well what if we could show you a way that you could eliminate all those issues, worries, costs and work?


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Long Term Contracts

Our contracts are usually 2-5 years long.

Guaranteed Rent

Guaranteed rent every month, irrespective of whether the property is vacant or occupied.


We will cover all minor maintenance costs on behalf of the landlord.


All our tenants are working professionals. We do not work with LHS or DSS!

Reference Checks

We stringently reference all our tenants. This is not just for financial credibility but also suitability for the house / current mix of tenants.


Sometimes we even make improvements to the house (at our cost) if needed – with your permission of course.

Peace of Mind

We return the property in the condition that we rented it, or better – it’s in our contract to do so.


Bluestone Relocations evolved from our experience in developing and selling houses and flats in the south of London. We have now been renting, working with professional tenants and giving landlords guaranteed rent for several years in South East London, building up a strong reputation in the market. Whilst our rental portfolio is mainly based in South East London, we have expanded into other areas of London where the business has grown on our understanding of the rental market and what is required to fill the demands of our clients, including landlords, letting agents and tenants alike.

We also work alongside a number of partners in the industry to allow us to offer a better and all-inclusive management service for our tenants. This includes using Vaboo, a tenant reward programme which not only helps tenants feel valued, but also helps them save as much money as they can in multiple areas of life, all paid for by us. Happy tenants, happy life, right? We feel this makes for a higher standard of service all round – our tenants stay longer, our landlords are impressed and our letting agents are happy! Win-win-win.

Watch our video to find out more or click here to see some of our most frequently asked questions from landlords.

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