Guaranteed Rent

We love working with our landlords! And we love that our Landlords are so happy with what we offer. It’s a little bit different from a normal lettings service, we know that, but that’s exactly why it works!

You’ve probably gathered from the home page what it is that we do by now – we become your tenants, guarantee your rent, pay your maintenance and rent to corporate professionals – but I bet you’ve got some more questions. It’s ok…everybody does. Below we’ve covered some of the most common questions or concerns we get from Landlords looking for that guaranteed rent at the start.

Aside from the obvious benefits of long lets, no voids and paying for all the minor maintenance along the way, there are a number of other things we can offer you that make us that bit special. Firstly, when we become your tenant we may decide to take on a few improvements at our own cost (with your permission, naturally). Previously, we have been known to re-tile sections of bathroom, re-carpet rooms and stairs, paint bedrooms and even update the kitchen cupboards/cookers. These are all things that will remain with you and your house long after our tenancy with you ends. That’s if you ever want us to leave of course.

And all those niggly little issues that you normally have to deal with (or pay to get sorted)? We’ll deal with all the calls about radiators being blocked, or locks being stiff, or lightbulbs being too high to reach (yes we have had that one). We sort them, we pay for them and you don’t need to do a thing.

And finally, remember that because we aren’t personally moving in, we can be flexible to fit around your current situation. This means you don’t have to search through lots of different tenants to find the right ones. We’re here! And when you are ready, we can get something agreed and signed up with you within a matter of days, minimising the time your property is empty of paying tenants.

Bluestone Relocations only work with corporate and professional tenants and everyone is thoroughly referenced before being accepted. We’re very picky about who goes in and have even been known to turn people away who would pass standard referencing if we don’t think that they will fit into the current house or get on with the other tenants already there. It’s not just about putting people in rooms – we want everyone to be happy and pride ourselves on offering a premium renting experience. Making sure everyone gets on together is important in keeping a happy home, happy managers and happy landlords.

Furthermore, even if our strict tenanting process weren’t enough, our contract with you means that we have to make good any damage created by the tenants we put in. If any damage were to be caused, we have teams of tradesmen on hand. You can rest assured that your house will be put right before you know it. Luckily we have only ever had fantastic tenants to date – helpful, reliable and very house proud.

No, not if we can help it! It all boils down to whether your property is right for us, and is something that we can work with. We don’t take every property that comes our way. But if yours works, then we’ll definitely be happy to offer you market rent.

We work slightly differently which means that Bluestone Relocations look for the value that can be added rather than how much rent we can reduce you down by. We do this so that you’re not losing out by choosing us as your tenant. In fact, you gain hugely! Take a look at the chart we created for you below – it shows you a bit more about the real financial benefits you can make when you join us.

That’s ok. We can put break clauses in our contracts and are always willing to be understanding and flexible where we can – we just ask that you do the same. We need to make sure that we treat everyone right, including the tenants in the property so, as long as we’re able to allow them enough time to leave and serve the correct notices, then that’s fine by us.


Look how much more money you will be keeping every month by having us as your tenant!

We do not charge you fees, so Landlords – don’t pay any VAT!

We offer peace of mind – 3 Years Guaranteed Rent! No Voids! No Hassle!!


I have been renting out my father’s house to Laura and her company Bluestone Relocations now for some months. I am delighted with the service they provide. Bluestone Relocations not only pay the rent on time, but they have been very helpful and flexible in recent months to arrange and accommodate works that needed doing to the house and changes in circumstances.

The relationship is open and honest to our mutual benefit and I’ve found it very easy to deal with Laura and her company throughout. When issues arose within the house which required major maintenance, Bluestone arranged quotations, workmen, supervised the works and provided updates.
I can recommend Bluestone Relocations and encourage any Landlord to seriously consider their service, as I will do again.

After only a few months in this house, I couldn’t be happier with the service and help I got from BlueStone Relocations. The two agents I have been in contact with have answered and helped me through everything I needed, including some awkward situations like being locked outside. They have been kind and understanding, and have gone beyond the simple handling of our contracts. I truly recommend this agency to anyone who appreciates respect, consideration and receptiveness.